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The Hotel

Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín

With a personal and unique style and with a solid architecture that rescues its colonial essence, Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín will bring you back memories of a different time.

At the heart of the hotel, "Plaza Jardín", with lampposts, a fountain, cobblestones, and natural greenery under a glass dome... It's the perfect balance between old and new.

In the entire hotel: a unique and creative style... But, at its "invisible" heart, you will find the essence of the best hotel tradition: SERVICE THAT YOU WILL NOT FORGET ABOUT.

At the best location: 9 de julio 60, in the center of the city, at the heart of commercial, banking, and administrative activities, and at an ideal starting point for tourist activities.


The facade of Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín has been declared as a site of municipal interest within the conservation programs for the patrimony of the city.

Both the facade and the rest of the building have been correctly maintained. It consists of a site built in the late 19th century.

The architectural project was done by the brilliant architect Juan Bautista Arnaldi, author of the Paraná Cathedral among other interesting projects.

The hotel was introduced in 1946 by the same family that, after a few generations, owns it today. It is the only surviving hotel from the era.

The splendid facade of an Italian style has been brought forward with an adequate illumination that highlights its unique elegance.

A great surprise awaits the space named Plaza Jardín. It's a garden with a refined design and refreshing natural greenery, light posts, a water fountain, and parasols, all under an oversized glass dome, which serve as an omen for the warmth and quality of the hotel's service.

+54 (343) 423 - 1700

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